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Re: [AUCTeX] 11.84 and emacs 22.09x issues on win box

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] 11.84 and emacs 22.09x issues on win box
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 20:04:12 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.110006 (No Gnus v0.6) Emacs/22.0.93 (gnu/linux)

* Nathaniel Beck (2007-01-31) writes:

> 1. After installing 11.84, I made a new .emacs to 
> change the behavior of the command menu so at to 
> eliminate commands i never use and add acrobat 
> viewing as a command. All works fine, except that 
> acrobat opens but complains it cannot find the 
> specified file.

What does it say exactly?

> 2. The persisting problem is that emacs crashes on 
> me quite predictably.

It would be great if you could run Emacs with a debugger, produce a
backtrace and send that to the Emacs pretest bug list by using `M-x
report-emacs-bug RET'.  There are some hints on using a debugger in
the file etc/DEBUG.  I'm afraid that without such a backtrace it is
almost impossible to tell what the cause of the crash is.

>  '(TeX-command-list (quote (("TeX" "%(PDF)%(tex) %`%S%(PDFout)%(mode)%' %t" 
> TeX-run-TeX nil (latex-mode texinfo-mode) :help "Run plain TeX") ("LaTeX" 
> "%`%l%(mode)%' %t" TeX-run-TeX nil (latex-mode doctex-mode) :help "Run 
> LaTeX") ("Makeinfo" "makeinfo %t" TeX-run-compile nil (texinfo-mode) :help 
> "Run Makeinfo with Info output") ("Makeinfo HTML" "makeinfo --html %t" 
> TeX-run-compile nil (texinfo-mode) :help "Run Makeinfo with HTML output") 
> ("AmSTeX" "%(PDF)amstex %`%S%(PDFout)%(mode)%' %t" TeX-run-TeX nil 
> (ams-tex-mode) :help "Run AMSTeX") ("ConTeXt" "texexec --once --texutil 
> %(execopts)%t" TeX-run-TeX nil (context-mode) :help "Run ConTeXt once") 
> ("ConTeXt Full" "texexec %(execopts)%t" TeX-run-TeX nil (context-mode) :help 
> "Run ConTeXt until completion") ("BibTeX" "bibtex %s" TeX-run-BibTeX nil t 
> :help "Run BibTeX")("Acrobat" "Acrobat.exe %s.pdf" TeX-run-discard nil nil)  
> ("Clean" "TeX-clean" TeX-run-function nil t :help "Delete generated 
> intermediate files") ("Clean All" "(TeX-clean t)" TeX-run-function nil t 
> :help "Delete generated intermediate and output files") ("Other" "" 
> TeX-run-command t t :help "Run an arbitrary command"))))

The canonical way to change the viewing command is to change the
variable `TeX-output-view-style'.  An easy way to get a more
Windows-friendly setup of AUCTeX is putting the line
(require 'tex-site)
into your init file.


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