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Re: [AUCTeX] Newbie with Emacs: problem with pdf!

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Newbie with Emacs: problem with pdf!
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 10:35:39 +0100
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Frederic Andres <address@hidden> writes:

> Recently, I switched to MacOS, but since I also use Windows, I
> decided that I might as well learn a cross-platform TeX-editor such
> as Emacs. I have installed Emacs+AucTeX on windows (and Aquamacs on
> MACOS), but I can't see any pdf with pdflatex. At first, I thouht
> that there were some LaTeXerrors, but since the same files were
> working fine in Texshop or Winedt, I was surprised. So, I added some
> random text to my file, and compiled it, and then I opened the pdf
> manually, and the new text was there. Hence, it compiles ok, but it
> does not want to open it as a pdf, using "Preview" for instance
> under MacOS.

What does "using Preview" mean?  Which keystrokes?  What do you try?
Does it help to read the manual?

(info "(auctex) Viewing")

David Kastrup

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