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Re: [AUCTeX] syntax highlighting for ConTeXt

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] syntax highlighting for ConTeXt
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 19:13:17 +0100
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* Andrea Tomadin (2007-02-23) writes:

> Il giorno 22/feb/07, alle ore 22:18, Ralf Angeli ha scritto:
>> Probably the face `font-latex-sedate-face' is not easily
>> distinguishable from the default face on your system.  What's the
>> output of `C-u C-x =' with point (i.e. the cursor) on an arbitrary
>> macro?
> Thank you Ralf for your answer. If I understood you right, I placed  
> the cursor on keywords or in the middle of "environments" and issued  
> that command. I report in the following the results. Only the last  
> two trials refer to colorized output (the "\item" and "\input"  
> keyword). Please note again that if I use LaTeX instead of ConTeXt,  
> the text is fully colorized.
> =======================================================
> within \startformula ... \stopformula
>    face                 (font-latex-sedate-face)
> on "\input"
>    face                 (font-lock-keyword-face font-latex-sedate-face)
> Does this ring any bell?

Yes, everything is working as it is supposed to.

>From the output you posted one can conclude that macros known to
font-latex, like \input, are fontified with `font-lock-keyword-face'
and `font-latex-sedate-face'.  The former is the more visible one and
wins because it is first in the list.  Then there are macros not
specifically known to font-latex, like \startformula, and those are
fontified with `font-latex-sedate-face' only.  This is exactly like in
LaTeX mode, only that in LaTeX mode more macros are known to
font-latex.  You can check this by writing something like \foo in a
LaTeX mode buffer.

If you want to make the unknown macros more visible, customize
`font-latex-sedate-face' with `M-x customize-face RET
font-latex-sedate-face RET'.


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