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Re: [AUCTeX] Problem with getting reftex to start

From: Torben Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Problem with getting reftex to start
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 20:40:54 +0200
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Okay, the output is below - it does not make me any wiser, but I guess that others can make something out of it...

Emacs  : GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600)
 of 2007-07-07 on NEUTRINO
Package: 2007-01-23

current state:
 AUCTeX-date "2007-01-23"
 window-system 'w32
 LaTeX-version "2e"
 TeX-style-path '("style" "auto"
          "c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style"
 TeX-auto-save t
 TeX-parse-self t
 TeX-master nil
 TeX-command-list '(("TeX" "%(PDF)%(tex) %`%S%(PDFout)%(mode)%' %t"
             TeX-run-TeX nil
             (plain-tex-mode ams-tex-mode texinfo-mode) :help
             "Run plain TeX")
            ("LaTeX" "%`%l%(mode)%' %t" TeX-run-TeX nil
             (latex-mode doctex-mode) :help "Run LaTeX")
            ("Makeinfo" "makeinfo %t" TeX-run-compile nil
             (texinfo-mode) :help "Run Makeinfo with Info output")
            ("Makeinfo HTML" "makeinfo --html %t" TeX-run-compile nil
             (texinfo-mode) :help "Run Makeinfo with HTML output")
            ("AmSTeX" "%(PDF)amstex %`%S%(PDFout)%(mode)%' %t"
             TeX-run-TeX nil (ams-tex-mode) :help "Run AMSTeX")
            ("ConTeXt" "texexec --once --texutil %(execopts)%t"
             TeX-run-TeX nil (context-mode) :help "Run ConTeXt once")
            ("ConTeXt Full" "texexec %(execopts)%t" TeX-run-TeX nil
             (context-mode) :help "Run ConTeXt until completion")
            ("BibTeX" "bibtex %s" TeX-run-BibTeX nil t :help
             "Run BibTeX")
            ("View" "%V" TeX-run-discard t t :help "Run Viewer")
            ("Print" "%p" TeX-run-command t t :help "Print the file")
            ("Queue" "%q" TeX-run-background nil t :help
             "View the printer queue" :visible TeX-queue-command)
            ("File" "%(o?)dvips %d -o %f " TeX-run-command t t :help
             "Generate PostScript file")
            ("Index" "makeindex %s" TeX-run-command nil t :help
             "Create index file")
            ("Check" "lacheck %s" TeX-run-compile nil (latex-mode)
             :help "Check LaTeX file for correctness")
            ("Spell" "(TeX-ispell-document \"\")" TeX-run-function nil
             t :help "Spell-check the document")
            ("Clean" "TeX-clean" TeX-run-function nil t :help
             "Delete generated intermediate files")
            ("Clean All" "(TeX-clean t)" TeX-run-function nil t :help
             "Delete generated intermediate and output files")
            ("Other" "" TeX-run-command t t :help
             "Run an arbitrary command")

David Kastrup wrote:
Torben Hoffmann <address@hidden> writes:

I have tried to use the AucTEX/Preview-LATEX + RefTEX configuration
from http:/ / in my .emacs, and it does
not quite work: AucTeX seems to load just fine and the regular
shortcuts like C-c C-s does work.  However, the Ref menu does not
appear before I do a M-x reftex-mode which is rather annoying.

I have even installed the AucTeX/Emacs bundle instead of my regular XEmacs
installation (which I have messed up in the process :-() in order to get this
to work, but to no avail.

Here's a short extract from my .emacs file:

Looks ok.  I guess that other parts in .emacs might be at fault.  Try
M-x TeX-submit-bug-report RET
to give some more information about your system.


Torben Hoffmann
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Prototype Developer & STG Driver Mobile: +45 25 40 81 16
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