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Re: [AUCTeX] font-latex-user-keyword-classes doesn't work

From: micheal S
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] font-latex-user-keyword-classes doesn't work
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 22:57:32 +0200


> Okay.  I checked your customization and saw that you did not provide any
> keywords to be matched.  You only gave the name of the class.  So in
> theory it should work once you add the keywords.  However, I found a bug
> in the code dealing with face properties for LaTeX commands without
> arguments, which prevents them from being fontified.  This is fixed in
> CVS now.

Thank you very much! I downloaded the newest CVS version and now it
seems to work if I provide the keywords and specify face properties
like weight or foreground etc. that's great...

> If you really want to highlight a command without arguments, like \foo,
> (in contrast to one with arguments, like \bar{baz}), then you can
> specify an existing face instead of setting face properties in the
> customization interface.

I think I don't understand how to do this.

> In your setting you already use the name of
> such a face but as the name of a font family which will not work.
Can you give me a few examples of what I could put into the "Font-Family" field?

By the way: Is it possible to apply changes to the font latex user
keyword classes without restarting emacs? Why is it not enough to
execute eval-buffer on the .emacs file?

best regards

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