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[AUCTeX] Re: Contribution to AUCTeX

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: Contribution to AUCTeX
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 19:49:28 +0200

* Vincent Belaïche (2010-05-30) writes:

> Please ignore the previous patch file, and consider the one attached to
> this file.

>> From: address@hidden

>> Here is a contribution to AUCTeX, this is to add the mark-environement
>> to the Texinfo mode.

>> PS-0: I had to make tricks with beginning-of-line, because
>> Texinfo-find-env-end and Texinfo-find-env-start do not work axactly the
>> same way as LaTeX-find-matching-end and LaTeX-find-matching-beginning. I
>> don't know whether this is the good way, or it would have been
>> preferable to align Texinfo-find-env-end and Texinfo-find-env-start on
>> the LaTeX way.

I've now changed `Texinfo-find-env-end' and `Texinfo-find-env-start' to
work like the respective commands in LaTeX and ConTeXt mode.  This
should be a cleaner approach compared to dealing with the differences in
all calling functions.

Unfortunately this means you will have to produce another patch.  It
should likely be similar to your last one, i.e. include
`Texinfo-mark-environment' as a copy of `LaTeX-mark-environment' adapted
for Texinfo mode.  I thought about providing a joint implementation for
both modes, but it likely makes things more complicated than an adapated
copy.  Perhaps one can point out the origin of the implementation in a

By the way, please use auctex-devel for such patches.  I'm cross-posting
this message to the auctex and auctex-devel lists and set a
Mail-Followup-To header to auctex-devel.  In case it gets mangled on the
way to you please follow up to auctex-devel manually.


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