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[AUCTeX] psTricks and emacs

From: ChrT
Subject: [AUCTeX] psTricks and emacs
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 12:42:08 +0200

I use Win XP and have installed Emacs, MikTeX. Everything seems to be in

My problem: I want to use psTricks and know from TexnicCenter, that it is
easy to get a pdf-file using ps2pdf.

Best is a "Outputprofile", with four steps:

latex %1
dvips -o %1.dvi
pdflatex %1.tex ,

This way you get your pdf-Document with one mouse-click.

As you can see: I've tried to manage this with a batch-file and it works
with a constant Filename (like "maindoc.tex"), but I don't know how to give
the name of the actual buffer/file to %1.

I surved many times in the www, but I did not find a solution for this
problem (may be, because Elisp is new for me and I don't understand realy
long .emacs-Startfiles)

Regards and thank you

Th. Christ

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