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Re: [AUCTeX] how to configure the preamble used in preview

From: Chengxi Yang
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] how to configure the preamble used in preview
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 15:33:35 +0800

Thank you, Ralf!

It is true that the document class "thuthesis" redefines something.
However, in my case I make preview only works for displaymath
environment, and once I switched the document class of main.tex from
thuthesis to article, all previews of equations could be properly
displayed. So I guess simply changing documentclass in preview is
enough for me.

2010/8/13 Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>:
> * Chengxi Yang (2010-08-12) writes:
>> The command "preview for environment" does not work well for my tex
>> file. I found this is because of the document class "thuthesis" I
>> used. When I use this document class, some errors appear, but
>> everything is fine when document class "article" is set in the main
>> tex file instead. I also found that the preview tex file
>> "_region_.tex" always use the same preamble with my main tex file.
>> So I'd like to know how to set a different document class for preview?
>> I found a little hint in the preview manual, such as using
>> prdefault.cfg, however, any more detailed instruction would be
>> appreciated.
> Regarding the possibility to switch the document class with
> prdefault.cfg or prauctex.cfg I am at a loss as well.  Maybe David knows
> something about it.  But I think something like this would be a bit
> fragile anyway because the "original" document class might redefine
> LaTeX constructs which would be displayed incorrectly with another class
> or certain constructs might not be defined when using another class.
> I tried to typeset a small sample file using thuthesis.cls from CTAN in
> order to find out what exactly is causing trouble.  Unfortunately the
> class requires too many packages I don't have and cannot install on the
> computer I am using at the moment.  So I'm sorry to say that I am a bit
> at a loss with this route as well.  I might have another stab at it once
> I have my own computer back.
> --
> Ralf

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