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[AUCTeX] Faces change after disabling a ligature with "|

From: Marcus Frings
Subject: [AUCTeX] Faces change after disabling a ligature with "|
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 13:14:14 +0200
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today I upgraded from 11.85 to 11.86 as Debian finally put your latest
version into their archive.

If I disable a ligature with "| in a word the rest of the buffer gets
the wrong fontification because the face changes to
font-latex-verbatim-face as can be seen in the following screenshot:

If I downgrade to 11.85 this behaviour does not occur and also if I
remove "| from the word (while using 11.86), the face changes to the
normal one again.

Is this is a bug or is there anything I am doing wrong?

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der Mensch erkauft sich Rache mit seiner Seele."

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