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[AUCTeX] Precompiled emacs and precompiled auctex11.86

From: Bart Childs
Subject: [AUCTeX] Precompiled emacs and precompiled auctex11.86
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2010 22:28:07 -0500

I tried to use this as explained in
only the PreCompiled version!

The emacs works fine but when I also install AUCTeX and go to edit
an old or a new TeX file I get a message

undefined variable  TeX-token-char

I am using a new Dell laptop with Vista.   Help

I can limp along because I mostly work on a MAC but I am training the
owner of the Dell to use LaTeX for his books.  He will mostly do light
editing of the big parts I will create using AUCTeX.

Thanks,  Bart Childs


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