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[AUCTeX] LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix key binding

From: Feng Li
Subject: [AUCTeX] LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix key binding
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 18:16:35 +0200

Dear all,

I have two keyboards, a standard English keyboard,and a Swedish keyboard. It is not so easy to type e.g., "`a" to get "\alpha" in AUCTEX math mode with the Swedish keyboard. So I binded "LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix" with "§" which is at the same position of "`" in English keyboard. The problem is that every time I have to set/unset "LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix" to let the math mode work if I have switched the keyboard. Is it possible to bind both "§" and "`" with "LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix" so I can use either "§"(on Swedish keyboard) or "`"(on English keyboard) as a prefix?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Feng Li
Department of Statistics
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

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