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[AUCTeX] Re: Missing latex macros

From: Brian Elmegaard
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: Missing latex macros
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 10:27:28 +0100
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Thanks for your efforts Ralf.

Den 27-11-2010 16:19, Ralf Angeli skrev:
Load a LaTeX file and then try again.

This works to some extent:
(let ((TeX-kpathsea-path-delimiter nil))
(TeX-search-files (append TeX-macro-private TeX-macro-global) '("sty") t t)) ("preview" "a0size" "abstract" "natmove" "achemso" "aecompl" "ae" "agupp" "aguplus" "algorithmic" "algorithm" "upref" ...)

But still it give me only preview when used in a tex-file buffer.


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