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[AUCTeX] Rolling auctex into emacs?

From: ivo welch
Subject: [AUCTeX] Rolling auctex into emacs?
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 13:35:27 -0800

I would like to upgrade emacs to version 23 or 24 on OSX.  there are
some nice binary distributions.  Alas, I want to have different
versions of emacs on my system.  (The 22 version was by zenitani, and
had auctex compiled in.  He no longer updates these, though.)  so, I
need to learn how to  insert auctex into a precompiled emacs binary,
which has its own directory distinct from the other emacs binary.

this raises an obvious question.  why is auctex not part of emacs at
this point?  it is so much better than the standard tex (and so
commonly used), should it not be part of the standard emacs 24
distribution nowadays?  It can't be space limitations.


Ivo Welch (address@hidden)

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