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[AUCTeX] activate reftex by typing \parencite

From: Santiago Mejia
Subject: [AUCTeX] activate reftex by typing \parencite
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 21:16:07 -0600

I am a novice, and have been struggling to find an answer to this in the documentation and on google with no result.

When I enter the macro "\cite" in the minibuffer, Reftex (or AucTex) recognizes that it is a quotation and activates the Reftex interface (just as if I had written C-c [).  How can I make Reftex become active, also when I type "\parencite" and "\footcite"?

I am aware that I can enhance the reftex-cite-format so that Reftex prompts me about which command I want to use.  But this is not what I want.  I would like to dispense with the C-c [ and rather be able to simply type a the minibuffer the macro "\parencite" or "\footcite", and have Reftex recognize that this is a citation command and activate itself (as it happens when I enter "\cite")

Thanks in advance.


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