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[AUCTeX] using maximum paper real estate on lettersize 2 page pdf in lan

From: Ed C.
Subject: [AUCTeX] using maximum paper real estate on lettersize 2 page pdf in landscape orientation
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 18:46:19 -0600
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I am trying to print 2 crossword puzzles from the eEdition of my local
newspaper. I want to use duplex printing and to encapsulate two jpg
files into one pdf. How can I make each puzzle be printed on the maximum
area of each side? (i.e effectively with zero width margins or as close
to that as possible.

What I have now is this .tex in auctex:

%%%;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End:

 \documentclass[letterpaper, 11pt, latin]{article}
%% \usepackage{babel}

%% \skip\footins=1.0pt


\includegraphics* [width=10.1in] {c:/emacs/mat118/nyx.jpg}
\includegraphics* [width=10.1in] {c:/emacs/mat118/dailyx.jpg}



nyx.jpg and dailyx.jpg are the two images extracted from the Olive
publishing package (a wysiwyg newsprint viewer). Even with minimal
margin settings there is an area more than an inch wide on the left side
of the landscape page. If I increase the [width= setting then the image
is cropped on the right. Apparently [scale= can't be used on a bitmapped
file but changing [width= should preserve the aspect ration. Any
suggestions? Would a slide or beamer documentclass allow me to work
closer to the paper edge?

I am using 32bit Miktex 2.9 on 64 bit Win 7 professional but that is
probably not relevant. Emacs 23.3,  AUCTeX-date "2007-01-23"



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