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Re: [AUCTeX] own macro coloring?

From: ivo welch
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] own macro coloring?
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 17:28:21 -0700

thx, ivan.  this M-:  (customize-group 'font-latex-keywords) RET  is
definitely new wizardry for me.  to show much of a novice I am, let me
describe my experience.

this opens an interesting window with a lot of choices.  I can see how
this can make emacs more userfriendly in the future, but it's still
tough going.

clicking on any of the triangles on the left brings up a choice, where
most variables seem to describe themselves as being set to "STANDARD".
 Clicking on "INS" yields a dialog with "Keyword" and "Format".  I
presume this is where I have to add my "\myboldface{}" and presumably
the right place is "Font Latex Match Bold Command Keywords" and once I
have it working, the button at the top that says "save for future
sessions" will add it to my .emacs file.  correct?

unfortunately, there are no full examples that show what the dialog
expects as inputs for keyword and format.  <tab> does not show
options, but moves onto the next field.  the description starts out
well: each element has to be a list..., so I gather that "myboldface"
(which is my \myboldface{hello} latex macro) goes into the keyword
field.  alas, the emacs format specifier is a mystery to me.  it
refers to the doc string of font-latex-user-keyword-classes, but after
staring at font-latex.el for a while, I still have not figured out
what it wants.  it would be much nicer if there was an example in the
docs, such as "myboldface" and "bold" right where it prompts for the
list entry.

after I have entered the correct values, presumably I would click on
"set for current session"---can I then visit a latex file in another
emacs buffer here and expect to see the effect of my change?

;;; if there is a full entry for .emacs which would "just work", I
would love to hear it, too.  ultimately, this is what I will do



(In "More", I randomly stumbled over the fact that the "Generated by
`...`" is actually a clickable link, which in turn provides a
clickable link to font-latex.el.  this was not visually highlighted.)

Ivo Welch (address@hidden)

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