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Re: [AUCTeX] Preview problems when using a certain document class

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Preview problems when using a certain document class
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2013 12:15:29 +0200
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Mark Jago <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Mark,

> Thanks for all the input. Although it looks very intriguing, excuse me
> for bringing the conversation to a more simple level... The discussion
> is a bit beyond my current knowledge of AUCTeX.
> How should one interpret your findings from a high-level point of
> view? Is there a version incompatibility with Emacs, AUCTeX and
> Ghostcscript, and I happen to have a setup that causes problems to
> preview certain documents? If so, what solution do you suggest?

The problem that I have, is that preview won't work if you use
GhostScript 9.09 and compile your tex document to PDF (TeX-PDF-mode is
on).  Preview still works if you compile to DVI (TeX-PDF-mode is off).
That's actually a problem with GhostScript (pdf2dsc crashes on all PDF
files), not with preview.

However, I'm not sure if you're facing the same problem as I do.  You
only say that it doesn't work with lipics while it does with other
classes.  That suggests it's a different problem and not related to
compiling with latex vs. compiling with pdflatex.

So please open the problematic tex file, enable previews, and then do
M-x preview-report-bug RET.  You'll get a new mail buffer containing
lots of information about your setup, the ghostscript version, etc.
Either send that mail as a new bug report, or just copy and paste it
into a reply to this mail.


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