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Re: [AUCTeX] How to apply different 'style-hook' for a document dependin

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] How to apply different 'style-hook' for a document depending on option passed to a package?
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 14:16:14 +0100
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Vladimir Lomov <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Vladimir,

> I don't know Emacs Lisp well enough, so I tried following: I added
> construction
> (lambda () (nth 1 (split-string (nth 1 (assoc "isu-th3" 
> LaTeX-provided-package-options)) "=")))
> into function 'TeX-run-style-hooks' of my 'isu-th3.el' (that's the real
> name of my package) and tried to run emacs on sample document. It fails
> with message:
> TeX-member: Wrong type argument: stringp, (lambda nil (nth 1 (split-string 
> (nth
> 1 (assoc "isu-th3" LaTeX-provided-package-options)) "=")))
> As I understand from definition of 'TeX-run-style-hooks', the function
> expects string not a function. Of course if I run the construction in
> *scratch* (defining LaTeX-provided-package-options by hand) to test
> it, all works fine.
> Is it possible to 'evaluate' lambda function, so it returns the string
> and that string will be used as hooks-name?

Sure, you add parentheses around it.  E.g., if you now have

  (TeX-run-style-hooks (lambda () ...))

you'd have

  (TeX-run-style-hooks ((lambda () ...)))

But then you don't need a lambda, but you'd rather use something like:

  (let ((conf (nth 1 (split-string (nth 1 (assoc "isu-th3"
    (TeX-run-style-hooks conf))

BTW, your code just takes the value of the first option as the style to
load.  I don't know if there could also be


then your code would try to load y.


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