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[AUCTeX] preview files conflicting

From: Carlos
Subject: [AUCTeX] preview files conflicting
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 19:03:35 -0500
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In the past I have configured compiled and installed manually - so to speak - 
the aucTeX files. TeX on the other hand, has followed the procedures from 

One of the GNU/Linux systems gave me a few problems, so I decided altogether to 
take a different approach and start from scratch. Not that in itself it would 
guarantee a problem-free, bugged-clean environment, but it gives me a pause to 
trace where the malfunctions occurs or my won mistakes cause havoc


During the process of installing TeX in one of the old systems I have, I had 
specified texlive-latexextra, (a precompiled distro's own package which is part 
of TeXLive nonetheless) so this system had no problem whatsoever with a 
consequent installation of aucTeX afterwards. 

On the other system, things were not as smooth, and everything proved to be an 

Which reproduced the following problem as it was posted years ago by this user 

The only difference was the AucTeX installation. Whereas the user installed the 
pre-compiled auctex package, I on the other hand, went the ol' route and 
configured, made and installed everything. The results however, and not 
surprisingly were identical. 

The only question that stands is the following:

What is the beautiful, incomparable rationale in not only including those files 
form preview on TeX, but also on auctex itself. 

This is not a chicken or the egg question, but I can't assume that I have to 
have the two. 

Why is it included in TeX may not the best question, but why preview itself is 
included in Auctex is. . . . 

Without the former the latter is useless. 

The conflict of files is the 'right' way - so to speak - and not what causes 
it, I think. 

Have a good one guys.

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