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Re: [AUCTeX] Can the hook `TeX-after-compilation-finished-functions' wor

From: Diogo F. S. Ramos
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Can the hook `TeX-after-compilation-finished-functions' work as a file local variable?
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 18:24:12 -0300

>> I'm setting the hook `TeX-after-compilation-finished-functions' as a
>> file local variable, but the functions aren't being called after I
>> compile my document.  Shouldn't they?

> try adding your function to the hook with `add-hook'; this works for me:
>    ...
>    \end{document}
>    %%% Local Variables:
>    %%% mode: latex
>    %%% TeX-master: t
>    %%% eval: (add-hook 'TeX-after-compilation-finished-functions (lambda (x) 
> (message "hello, world!")))
>    %%% End:

Ah, thank you, Arash.  But I think then the variable
`TeX-after-compilation-finished-functions' won't be file local.  I want
it to be file local so the function in hook will only execute if I
compile this document.

What I thought of doing, if the variable
`TeX-after-compilation-finished-functions' can't be file local, is to
add my function to the hook anyway, and inside the function, check if
it's running after the compilation of the document I want.  Something

(lambda (file)
  (when (= file "/file/that/I/want")

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