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Force TeX-view to open the pdf file

From: Santiago Mejia
Subject: Force TeX-view to open the pdf file
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2020 21:45:38 -0500

When I press C-c C-v in a document for the first time, AUCTex will open it with my PDF viewer.  If I navigate back to Emacs without closing the PDF and press C-C C-v again,  AUCTeX does nothing; I have to make the PDF window active by clicking on it with the mouse or by navigating to it with the keyboard.

AUCTeX used to make the PDF window active every time I clicked C-c C-v, even if the file was already open.  (I believe that this behavior changed when I changed my PDF viewer to Evince, after which I was never able to go back to the old behavior).

Thanks in advance to any pointers.  I could not find any in Google or the info files.

If it helps to know, I am using emacs 26.3, Xubunty 18.04, and have tried Evince and Atril as PDF viewers (with none does AUCTeX make the PDF window active).

Santiago Mejia
Assistant Professor
Fordham University

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