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Re: autoconf manual: indices at top level

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: autoconf manual: indices at top level
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 12:07:20 -0800 (PST)

> From: Kevin Ryde <address@hidden>
> User-Agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/20.5
> I'd like to suggest putting the indices in the top level menu, so that
> they work with `i' in emacs info-mode.

'i' works fine for me on the Autoconf 2.52f manual, using either Emacs
21.1 or info (GNU texinfo) 4.0.  Perhaps you need to upgrade?  I think
these programs look sequentially for the first section name containing
the word 'Index'; they don't care whether the section is at the top

I'd rather not have all the indices be at the top level, as the top
level is too crowded as it is.

> At the same time I think they could become "unnumbered" rather than
> apendices.  I don't think it's usual for an index to be considered
> an appendix.

I think it was done that way because the GNU FDL is a preceding appendix,
and makeinfo complained.  Can't recall for sure, though.  (Surely it's
not a big deal either way.)

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