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Re: [patch] AC_CANONICAL_HOST without install-sh

From: techtonik
Subject: Re: [patch] AC_CANONICAL_HOST without install-sh
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 22:30:34 +0200

On 12/27/05, Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> That patch looks reasonable to me, but it's long enough that we'll
> need copyright assignment papers for it, from you and your employer.
> Is that OK with you?  If so, please let me know and I'll send you the
> form info.

You are crazy. =) Use this patch as you wish. You may even sell it for
a lots of money - I don't care. I'll be happy if this fix will move to
newly release package asap and will be available on build machine.

> > BTW, why don't you open a bug/patch tracker on Savanna and crosspost
> > here bug reports/changes? Will it be more convenient?
> In the past we've relied on email.  Both methods suffer from spam.
> We haven't seen fit to switch to the bug tracker, but if there's
> a lot of sentiment for that I suppose we could.

IMHO bugtracker is a little bit more visible to people.

> > P.S. When the new version will be available?
> Sorry, there's no schedule; it depends on how much free time the
> volunteers have available.
Is there a checklist (?bug list) with that is required to be
done/fixed in order wrap a next relese? Just to get an overview of the
problem for new volunteers?


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