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I got an autoconf big improvement to make :]

From: Itzhak Avraham
Subject: I got an autoconf big improvement to make :]
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 22:46:46 +0200
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I'm not sure I'm writing it to the right place, but please take time to read 
and forward it to the right place.
I think, that you can add an option in autoconf (that will make configure 
files much easier to use in some cases... it doesn't require much programming 
as I can see at the moment) :

Here it goes :
When I ./configure a file and it can't find a lib, whatever it can be very 
useful as standart (if you guys include the --search-missing=true option) :

(it can also run ldconfig... but should be as other option I think)

The --search-missing=true/false if enabled will use the 
whereis/which/find/locate commands to search for files that couldn't been 

Lets say I'm starting a program which can't find liblamemp3.o file, if I run 
the ./configure --search-missing=true option it will look for lib-lame with 
whereis/which lame it should find it in no time, also, if didn't find, it can 
use the find / -name "lame" -print option for example.
It might increase configuration time so it should be disabled by default, but 
making it enable can save hours of searching each package that couldn't be 
found by ./configure.

Consider this idea,
Everyone I've explained it too, thought it's a great idea, if you got 
questions about this idea, or algorithm confusions, feel free to email me 

Itzhak Avraham.

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