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Re: changing "configure" to default to "gcc -g -O2 -fwrapv ..."

From: Robert Dewar
Subject: Re: changing "configure" to default to "gcc -g -O2 -fwrapv ..."
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 22:15:34 -0500
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Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

I don't think -frisky is a good name for that option.  A better name
would be -fstrict.

or perhaps -fstandard

which says "my program is 100% compliant ISO C. please mr. compiler
make any assumptions you like based on knowing this is the case. If
my claim that I am 100% compliant is wrong, you may punish me by
doing arbitrary horrible things to my code".

P.S. I won't mind if you warn me about these horrible things, but
I won't insist you do so, or blame you if you cannot.

Then all those who know ISO C, and of course would never dream of
writing anything that is non-conforming can use this switch and
know that the compiler will not be fettered by worrying about other
ignorant programmers junk code.

Furthermore, once this switch is on, the compiler writers will know
that the compiler need not worry, and can really go to town with all
sorts of amazing optimizations based on this assumption.

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