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Re: m4sugar and m4 1.6, bison

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: m4sugar and m4 1.6, bison
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 01:05:41 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.18 (2008-05-17)

Hi Eric,

* Eric Blake wrote on Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 07:54:19PM CEST:
> Bison forked m4sugar somewhere in between autoconf 2.59 and 
> 2.59c, then added m4_prepend,

I personally think it's a shame to add known-suboptimal interfaces
like m4_prepend at all, but oh well.  (I think in a better world,
a programming language would teach users to use good algorithms by
only providing those interfaces...)

> In the future, we may want to move m4sugar (or even autom4te, but
> probably not m4sh) into the M4 package rather than Autoconf,

Hmm, I'm not too happy the way that Autoconf will probably have to
depend upon really new M4 again.  I mean, the M4 interface could
have been stable for more than a decade ...

> m4_PACKAGE_* macros remain undocumented (autoconf users should use the 
> documented AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION instead of m4_PACKAGE_VERSION),

Wishful thinking.  The currently best way to be backward compatible to
2.59 and upward compatible is to use m4_PACKAGE_VERSION.  Please don't
turn your head away from that fact (GCC uses m4_PACKAGE_VERSION).
AFAICS your patch doesn't break that though; good.

> In the process of adding m4_prepend, I noticed a missed optimization
> in m4

Thanks for tackling that!

> In the patch below, I 
> used the term 'linearithmic' rather than 'loglinear' for the notion of O(n 
> log 
> n); I found both terms in wikipedia [2], and while I am personally more 
> familiar with 'loglinear', the wikipedia search for 'n log n' turned up the 
> former [3].

FWIW I too am more familiar with loglinear or "almost linear".

> +     (m4_prepend_uniq, m4_prepend_uniq_w): Add new macros, for
> +     completeness.


I would have much rather liked a couple of interfaces that would let M4
- add argument to a (comma-separated?) list, in loglinear time,
- sort (and uniquify) all arguments given, in loglinear time.

Requiring a new-enough M4 for fast implementations is ok if Autoconf
otherwise provides slow ones.

(Aside, if M4 had means to generate a hash from a list of arguments,
which it has BTW, then an interface similar to m4_append_uniq could
probably even be made loglinear.)

> --- a/doc/autoconf.texi
> +++ b/doc/autoconf.texi
> @@ -11055,6 +11055,12 @@ to grow strings without duplicating substrings.  
> Additionally,
>  Also, @code{m4_append_uniq} warns if @var{separator} is not empty, but
>  occurs within @var{string}, since that can lead to duplicates.
> +Note that @code{m4_append} can scale @dfn{linearithmically} (ie., O(n

Please use 'i.e.,', dunno if some texinfo markup is suitable for the
complexity term.

> +log n) in complexity notation),

Actually this statement is pretty vague (which might be on purpose?),
in that it does not tell what n is.  The number of times m4_append was
called?  The total length of all strings?

> depending on the quality of the
> +underlying M4 implementation, while @code{m4_append_uniq} has an
> +inherent quadratic scaling factor.  If an algorithm can tolerate
> +duplicates in the final string, use the former for speed.

> @@ -2202,7 +2234,9 @@ m4_define([m4_version_compare],
>  # --------------------
> -m4_include([m4sugar/version.m4])
> +# If m4sugar/version.m4 is present, then define version strings.  This
> +# file is optional, provided by Autoconf but absent in Bison.
> +m4_sinclude([m4sugar/version.m4])

Does the Autoconf build fail if the file happens to be absent?  If no,
we should add some test to this end, in order to avoid bug reports


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