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Re: [SCM] GNU Autoconf source repository branch, master, updated. v2.62-

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: [SCM] GNU Autoconf source repository branch, master, updated. v2.62-79-g96e601a
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 18:31:02 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.18 (2008-05-17)

* Eric Blake wrote on Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 06:05:00PM CEST:
> Ralf Wildenhues <Ralf.Wildenhues <at>> writes:
> > 
> > Sure enough I forgot to 'git add' again after the change, still lying
> > around in my git-ssh tree.  Thanks for catching that!
> Don't feel too bad.  I did the exact same thing myself this morning on m4's 
> branch-1.4.  Hmm, I wonder if it is worth an update hook on savannah that 
> rejects patches where the commit text and/or ChangeLog entry disagree with 
> the 
> files in the commit; but writing such a hook that works reliably seems 
> daunting.

Is there such a thing as a pre-push hook?  It would certainly have
helped me, if that checked for a non-clean tree: I mostly don't mess
around in the git-ssh tree other than to commit.  Development happens
in the read-only git:// tree.


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