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Re: [PATCH] Fortran Cray pointer macro support

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fortran Cray pointer macro support
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2020 20:29:30 -0400

On Tue, Oct 6, 2020 at 12:24 PM Marshall Ward <> wrote:
> This patch adds a macro, AC_FC_CRAY_POINTER, which tests if the Fortran
> compiler supports Cray pointers.

This seems like a reasonable addition to me. Would anyone with Fortran
experience care to comment? I have never properly learned Fortran.

I think we would prefer the macro to be named AC_FC_CRAY_POINTERS, and
I wonder whether there should be a _F77_ variant -- Cray pointers have
been around since the 80s, haven't they?

We are in a feature freeze right now, because we're trying to get the
long-overdue 2.70 release finished; the earliest your patch could be
accepted is for the 2.71 release. Also, I don't recognize your name as
a prior contributor to Autoconf. This is more code than we can accept
without a copyright assignment. If you've already gone through that
process, or your contribution would be covered by your employer's
assignment, just let me know; otherwise you need to follow the
instructions on the form at
. It is best to do this as soon as possible, because sometimes the FSF
takes a long time to process the paperwork.

(The need for a copyright assignment also means I haven't reviewed
your code in detail.)


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