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Re: undefined macro: AF_INET ?

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: undefined macro: AF_INET ?
Date: 18 Jan 2001 17:03:29 +0100
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>>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard Dautrevaux <address@hidden> writes:

Bernard> I know we also use AT_, but that's for autotest, so I'm not
Bernard> sure its useful for autoconf to check these are all expanded:
Bernard> if they aren't, the test will fail anyway :-)

Sure, but the point is also in reserving the name spaces.  For
instance, AS_ will be used by autosystem, which creates system.h.  You
also forget AH_ already used by autoheader.

At some point I meant to reserve one of these names for the user
macros, say AA_ or so.  But today m4_pattern_forbid makes it useless,
you can m4_pattern_forbid([^BD_]) for instance.

... A fly flies...

Actually, I just realized there is no correspondence at all between
reserving the name spaces, and catching the corresponding tokens.  But
none *at all*, since if someone uses properly an AX_ macro, anyway the
fact that it was m4_pattern_forbidden will change nothing.

So, I think I'm about to break all the records in making myself
ridiculous and state that:

        Autoconf should reserve all the A[A-Z]_ names, but autoconf
        should catch only what it currently uses, i.e., A[CHUS]_, and
        m4_.  Plus AM_ for Automake.

I apologize for the time I had you all waste to make me understand
this simple fact :(.  I had my mind completely upside left.

(feeling terrible...)

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