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CVS checkouts of *.in and *.am files

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: CVS checkouts of *.in and *.am files
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 23:57:27 -0500

Folks have recently discussed things like "egcs_update" and other
related scripts that attempt to check out/update certain "master" files
before doing a checkout of "derived" files.

I was thinking about this, as I've hacked egcs_update for 2 other
project to get around the same problem on projects that check in these
derived files.

Before saying something stupid on the CVS list, I thought I'd try my
idea out here!

A possible solution to this problem might be:

- on checkin, check the files in with the timestamp on the "local" file

- on checkout/update, get the list of files that will be "messed with"
  and simply do the work in oldest -> newest order

The questions that come to mind are:

- Will this work?

- Will it break anything?

- Would it be difficult to do?


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