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From: Akim Demaille
Date: 24 Jan 2001 10:41:21 +0100
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>>>>> "Ralf" == Ralf Corsepius <address@hidden> writes:

Ralf> => Random (== BROKEN) behaviour.

No, undefined == undefined.  

This has *never* been part of Autoconf, and the lack of sense of
2.13's answers are quite a demonstration of it.

My sentence was `Garbage in, garbage out'.

Even if widely used (where can one find that, it's
wrong.  AFAIK GCC does not maintain bugward compatibility either.

Ralf> Then it was a good accident and the current behavior should be
Ralf> regarded as a regression.

Sorry, I can't accept this argument because I will not accept having
$srcdir and @srcdir@ having different meanings.  Had the behavior of
2.13 being meaningful, then yes.  But it's not the case.  That
$top_srcdir can be different from srcdir inside configure is dumb.

I'm ready to help on and whatever you want to make them
compatible with the two Autoconves, but Autoconf has enough scars as

Ralf> If you want to avoid trouble, them they the behavior should at
Ralf> least be deterministic (More precisely: CONFIG-FILES must not
Ralf> alter variables users explicitly set in INIT of AC_CONFIG_*).

Again, I disagree: it *does not matter* just because this is an
internal detail.  I will not struggle to have ac_dir and ac_mkdir_dir
etc. variables preserved through out this section, because it's
Autoconf's private internal guts.

If I decide someday to use date or $RANDOM to set top_srcdir, then
it's fine with Autoconf.

But I agree ``assert (test -f $srcdir/'' through out

>> In which case it seems to me there is only one definition which
>> makes sense (to me): srcdir and top_srcdir share the very same
>> value: they point to the directory holding the currently running
Ralf> Agreed.

Great :)

Ralf> * The CONFIG_FILES section trashes variables a user explicitly
Ralf> sets in AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS. 

Huh?  I'll reread your message about that.  But of course if the user
uses Autoconf variables... :)

Ralf> * srcdir given random contents in AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS 

Should remain constant to point to

>> So I think the case is closed.  ?
Ralf> No, I disagree. (Check out and see how it is
Ralf> applied with automake in newlib.)

Where is it?

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