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current autoreconf assumes

From: Assar Westerlund
Subject: current autoreconf assumes
Date: 25 Jan 2001 16:26:57 +0100
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Revision 1.62 to seems to make sure it only searches for and not  Please apply the patch below:


RCS file: /cvs/autoconf/,v
retrieving revision 1.63
diff -u -w -u -w -r1.63
---       2001/01/16 10:25:58     1.63
+++       2001/01/25 15:25:24
@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@
 # Make a list of directories to process.
 # The xargs grep filters out Cygnus files.
-find . -name -o -name -print |
+find . -name -o -name -print |
 xargs grep -l AC_INIT |
 sed 's,/configure\.ac$,,;s,/configure\.in$,,;s,^./,,' |
 while read dir; do

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