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Re: Running make for autoconf V2.13 with HP-UX 11.0

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Running make for autoconf V2.13 with HP-UX 11.0
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:11:18 -0700

> > I am trying to build autoconf V2.13 for HP-UX 11.0
> Ah, then this is the explanation of it all :)

autoconf-2.13 should build out of the box on hpux 11.0.  At least I
had no trouble with building it there.  However, you will really want
the functionality of autoconf-2.50 and the associated derived
configure script to get all of the compiler options correct on hpux.
And since autoconf-2.50 is not quite done yet you will probably want
to keep a close eye on things so that you can get it as soon as it is
ready.  I am using the test beta versions 2.49* in order to get the HP
features.  You will probably want those as well.  But as the list
wisdom says, don't release a program with unreleased tools.  Which
means keep up to date and update to the released 2.50 as soon as it is

> Trying running these guys by hand, and see who fails, and why.  Or try
> gmake if available on your system, usually it can given better hints.
> And while we're at it, if I were you I would first install gmake, and
> forget *for ever* about HP Make.  At least you've been warned :)

Agreed.  But a few additional words.  HP make is stock classic AT&T
System V UNIX make.  Which "should" be fine.  It is not a bad make.
It is just the very traditional UNIX version and limited by those same
traditions.  Unfortunately it is frozen in time and not evolving to
keep up anymore.  But this is not really a problem.  As soon as you
start building programs there is no reason not to make GNU make the
first program you build.  You should compile up GNU make right at the
start and get the better of the two makes running first.  Then
everything else is easier.

GNU make compiles and runs nicely on hpux using either GNU CC or HP
ANSI CC bootstrapping with the native make.  I call it "make", not
"gmake" and install it earlier in my PATH than the native make.  From
there on out you have a good "make" and are good to go.  Contemplate
installing GNU sed-3.02 in the same way as the second program and GNU
m4-1.4 as the third.  Those will make your life much easier.  Those
are the few speedbumps on the road to a modern compile environment.


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