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Re: RFC: Changing AC_DEFINE

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: RFC: Changing AC_DEFINE
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 22:13:59 +0200

> Alexandre> IMO, the best way to go is for autoconf to come up with a
> Alexandre> safe echo, i.e., one that won't mess up any characters,
> Alexandre> will preserve backslashes, etc, in a similar way that
> Alexandre> libtool does.  In fact, this would help libtool a lot as we
> Alexandre> move more of it into m4sh.
> > Well, why not!
> Err...  Because someone has to do it? :-)

Well, an easy situation would be if the shell is bash; it's builtin echo
has a -E option to do just that (i.e. not expand anything).  I had to
use that option in a few changes I made for the DJGPP package, as
autoconf would otherwise seriously mess up DOS-style paths.
Not sure if other incarnations of echo are so friendly as to provide
such a option though.

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