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From: David Snopek
Subject: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS problem
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 19:41:24 -0500
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I am using autoconf 2.52. I have a project that requires a seperate configure script in a child directory. I specify its directory in AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS. In most cases everything works properly: I run the main configuration script which, when complete, runs the other configure. I have just started experimenting with cross-compiling (using mingw32) and I have to specify --host,--build and --target options to the configure script. But when the subdir configure is run, a set of arguments are pass to it, in the form of "build_alias=...", "host_alias=...", and "target_alias=...". These are interpreted as host specifications because they have no "--" signs.

I believe I have traced their origin to acgeneral.m4, lines 1555 to 1566 (although i am not *totally* sure). It seems that they are intended for config.status but are unknowningly passed to the other configuration script. Is this a bug?? Or am doing something wrong?? Is there a version of autoconf where everything is known to work properly that I can upgrade/downgrade to??

Thanks ...

        -- David Snopek

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