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Re: autogen on macosx/darwin

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: autogen on macosx/darwin
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 13:22:17 -0800

Todd Gureckis wrote:

> sed: file /tmp/cs17028-9759/subs-2.sed line 7: Unterminated `s' command
> config.status: creating agen5/Makefile
> [minsk:/tmp/cs17028-9759] gureckis% cat subs-2.sed
> :t
>    /@[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z_0-9]*@/!b
> s,@AUTOMAKE@,automake,;t t
> s,@AUTOHEADER@,autoheader,;t t
> s,@MAKEINFO@,makeinfo,;t t
> s,@AMTAR@,tar,;t t
> s,@install_sh@,~/Desktop/autogen-5.2.11/config
> /Users/gureckis/Desktop/autogen-5.2.11/config/install-sh,;t t
> s,@INSTALL_STRIP_PROGRAM@,${SHELL} $(install_sh) -c -s,;t t
> s,@AWK@,awk,;t t

The problem is that autoconf is inserting something from
your environment into the replacement string for "@install_sh@".
What shell are you using?  What version?

The problem value is set here:

> install_sh=${install_sh-"$am_aux_dir/install-sh"}

thus, "$am_aux_dir" is wrong:

> # expand $ac_aux_dir to an absolute path
> am_aux_dir=`CDPATH=:; cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd`

Yep.  That's the problem.  This convolution is trying
to expand the "~" in the directory name.  When the
"cd" command is invoked, your shell prints the current
directory to stdout (as a tilde name), then "pwd"
does the same.  You will find this around line 1380.
Change it to this:

> # expand $ac_aux_dir to an absolute path
> am_aux_dir=`unset CDPATH || CDPATH=:; cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd`

and "cd" should stop printing the current directory.
(I generally have PS1 contain '$PWD' and use macros
to jump around.  That way, current directory always
prints and the ``foo=$(cd mumble ; pwd)'' constructs work.)
Anyways, it _is_ an autoconf bug because autoconf should
be accommodating your shell.

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