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freshmeat project listing for Autoconf

From: jeff covey
Subject: freshmeat project listing for Autoconf
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 18:16:44 -0500

I'm writing in reference to the project

Your email address listed as the contact address for this project on
our listing at:

You may have submitted this project to us yourself, or someone who
uses your project may have done so.  Since the time this project was
submitted to us, many new features have been added to our site, and
this listing needs to be updated.  In particular, we've adopted a new
categorization system which allows much more fine-grained organization
of projects.  Since your project has never been recategorized under
this system, our readers aren't finding your project when they browse
through categories where it should be listed.

We'd like to ask you to take just a few minutes to recategorize your
project.  You should delete any categories which begin with "Old
Appindex" -- these categories will be removed from freshmeat soon --
and add all of the new categories which apply to your project.  (To do
this, you may have to create a user account for yourself if you don't
already have one, and you may have to first click the "change owner"
link to claim ownership of your project, as freshmeat did not
originally have a concept of project ownership, and your project may
be listed as being owned by "N/A".  Once one of our staff has approved
your ownership of the project, you'll be able to submit any changes
you want to make to it.)

To recategorize your project, click on the link labeled "Trove
categories".  While you're on your project's page, please also take a
moment to make sure everything else is up-to-date, including all the
links and descriptions.  There are many new features you may want to
take advantage of, from linking your project to other projects on
which it depends, to listing multiple project leaders and their roles,
to creating multiple branches for different parts of your project's
tree (such as "Stable" and "Development").

If you have any problems, please take a look at our list of Frequently
Asked Questions at  If your question isn't
answered there, please let us know at

Please do not reply to this message directly, as your reply will go
only to me personally, and I will only be able to help you when I have
time to do so.  If you use our form at,
your message will go into our request tracking system, where one of
eight people can help you.  I'm sorry to repeat myself, but the last
time I sent one of these messages, I had several hundred help requests
in my inbox in a few hours.  So, again, the URL is  Thanks.  :)

And thanks, as always, for listing your project in our database.  If
we can be of any help to you, just let us know.  (At  No, I said that... :)

Jeff Covey

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