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needs help

From: Toni Moreno Giménez
Subject: needs help
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 23:33:40 +0100

Hi to all , I'm new to the list, I have subscribed  because i have a little 
troubles, and I need, help.

each time I type "make" on my project (after doing "./configure" ) the 
Makefile runs another. all autotools system. this is:


and finally begins the source compilation. is not a big trouble to me. but is 
it for my betatesters. (they need all auto* tools ) and some times the don't 

I have been looking for ./ in other projects, but i can't find 
how to disable it.

I'm trying to build a first beta release of my project. and I need a lot your 

Lots of thanks.

Toni Moreno Giménez
Pje de las rosas  nº 22
Vilassar de Mar 
(Barcelona) Spain
CP: 08340

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