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RE: Writing Rules

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: RE: Writing Rules
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 16:11:04 -0800

Kevin Ryde wrote:

>    if grep "IP Filter: v3\.4\." /usr/include/netinet/ipl.h >/dev/null;
>      AC_DEFINE(IPF_4_3, 1, [Define for IP Filter v3.4.x])
>    fi
> (Though whether it's particularly robust to be grepping particular
> include files is another matter.)

You can't assume the include files are in /usr/include.  Best to use
the proper macro for this, namely AC_EGREP_HEADER or AC_EGREP_CPP.  See

  AC_EGREP_HEADER("IP Filter: v3\.4\.", netinet/ipl.h, AC_DEFINE(IPF_4_3, 1,
[Define for IP Filter v3.4.x]))
or something like that.  (Untested, sorry.)

This matters a lot to me because I want every package to be
- Dan

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