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Question about CanadianCross use of autoconf.

From: Curtis Veit
Subject: Question about CanadianCross use of autoconf.
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 20:50:29 -0700
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I'm working with an autoconf based configure for an embedded project.
I found notes on using the --build= and --host=
options to use configure for canadiancross sytle development
but I find myself confused by the result. Tests for include files 
and libs end up looking in my build systems directories.

I tried using --includedir to see if I could get configure
to see an include in (area 3) the target area (machine type specified 
with --host= ).

Basically I have three environments of concern.
1. The machines environment which resides in /lib /usr/lib /usr/include

2. The cross compilers and tools in another directory area
3. The target system (--host=) in yet another directory area.
   ( I do an installation of the items I am building to this
   area. This looks like a root file system but it resides lower
   in the build systems directory structure.

It seems like the autoconf macros in configure need the
concept of these paths associated with the --build=
--host= (and perhaps --target=) options.  I don't
seem to see this.   

I suspect I missed something?
Can anyone point me to some notes on how this should be done?

A quick pointer to help would be really appreciated.
Alternatly, if this needs a little work I'd be happy
to make an attempt at it, especially if anyone has
a few comments that would help.



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