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fortran 90

From: Kate Hedstrom
Subject: fortran 90
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:49:41 -0900
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I searched the macro archive and found no mention of f90. Has anyone
ever talked about using autoconf and/or automake with f90?

One major issue with f90 that isn't in f77 is the module feature. At
compile time, the information needed to use a module is placed in a file
with extension .mod, .kmo, .M or even in the object file. I need to
know which for the Makefile dependencies - some vendors have changed
the extension from one release to the next. Sometimes the name of the
.mod file is based on the name of the module, sometimes it is based on
the name of the source file.

Also, there is free format vs. fixed format, with *some* vendors guessing
which to use based on the filename extension (file.f90 vs. file.f).

I'm planning on seeing what I can do with autoconf, but was wondering if
anyone else had ever thought about how to do any of these tests.

Kate Hedström       Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
address@hidden       University of Alaska, Fairbanks

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