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Re: Macros to check for variables, next try

From: Peter Eisentraut
Subject: Re: Macros to check for variables, next try
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:14:44 -0400 (EDT)

Andreas Schwab writes:

> Peter Eisentraut <address@hidden> writes:
> |> # ---------------------------------------------------
> |> m4_define([AC_LANG_VAR_LINK_TRY(C)],
> |> extern $1 $2;
> This won't work with more complex types that requires to put the
> identifier in infix position, like arrays (think about sys_errlist).

That's a good point, but unfortunately I've been unable to find an answer
for that.  Implementing a 'cdecl'-like parser in m4 is certainly not
attractive.  If we eventually plan to "fix" the FUNC family as well this
problem will only get worse.  Any ideas out there?

Peter Eisentraut   address@hidden

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