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Re: caching

From: Stefan Seefeld
Subject: Re: caching
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:16:43 -0500

Akim Demaille wrote:

If I read you correctly, you are hard coding a change of path in  Don't do that.  Set it before running configure, and
things will run properly.

ok, I guess a little bit of explanation is in order (though I figured
for the problem at hand I would just name the variables differently
to avoid the caching conflict)...

I'm configuring a build for project 'Fresco', which contains several
subprojects 'Prague', 'Babylon', etc.

Packages will contain those subprojects individually, but you can
download the whole tarball at once, too. Babylon now needs Prague
to build, so I have to find Prague-config to get the various compiler
and linker flags. However, if there was only a single Prague-config,
it would be the one that provides the flags that I need once Prague
is installed (for example 'Prague-config --cppflags' would result
in '-D _REENTRANT -I /usr/local/include'.
The catch is that I want to be able to build *all* without the need
to install anything. There for I need a second, temporary, Prague-config
that provides me with include paths pointing to the build tree.

Anyways, I figured it all out now and even though the inner workings
are a bit twisted, the build process as a whole is rather convenient
and simple.


PS: it is for the same project that I want subconfig configuration
    to be more customizable. Any chance to see such a change any time
    soon ? As a temporary fix I'v added AC_ENABLE so once I know that
    a particular subpackage won't configure/build I can explicitely
    turn it off. It would be much nicer if configure could figure out
    that automatically, that's its job, after all...

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