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AC_CHECK_FUNCS always succeeds on AIX with Autoconf 2.56

From: Martin Frydl
Subject: AC_CHECK_FUNCS always succeeds on AIX with Autoconf 2.56
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 12:54:26 +0100
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I've put AC_CHECK_FUNCS(stricmp) to and it always succeeds on AIX with both IBM compiler and gcc. The test looks something like this:

char strncasecmp ();
char (*f) () = strncasecmp;

int main () {
  return 0;

When this is compiled and linked, no error is reported. But when test from Autoconf 2.52 is used, everything works (i.e. reports error since stricmp is not available):

char stricmp ();
char (*f) ();

int main () {
  f = stricmp;
  return 0;

It looks like the first test is somehow "optimized" by compiler and thus is linkable. What about putting back the original test? Why was it changed?

  My configuration:
    AIX 4.3.3
    IBM C/C++ 3.6.6
    gcc 3.1.1

    Martin Frydl

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