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Unifying and (was: Macro Archive Relaunch)

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Unifying and (was: Macro Archive Relaunch)
Date: 19 Jan 2003 13:01:51 +0100

Braden McDaniel writes:

 > It's ridiculous for two completely separate ac-archive projects to
 > exist.

I agree with you.

The following possible solutions come to my mind:

 (1) The SourceForge "branch" is shut down entirely. The macros it
     does have exclusively go into the GNU archive, where they will be
     continued in the future. The extra functionality it provides,
     namely the RPM packages, are provided on the GNU archive.

 (2) The GNU archive is shut down. The archive in all its glory is
     continued on SourceForge, or Guido takes over the project on

 (3) The macro repository (and I mean just the actual macros) are
     maintained in the GNU archive, and the SourceForge archive goes
     on to provide an alternate _presentation_ of them as well as an
     alternative distribution of them. (This is, in my humble opinion,
     how it should have been right from the beginning.)

 (4) We leave everything as it is, the SourceForge archive continues
     to download the contents of the GNU archive, but clearly says so
     on its web pages so that submitters are _aware_ of the
     asymmetrical relationship between the two.

 (5) We leave everything as it is, and the GNU archive starts
     downloading the contents from the SourceForge archive as well. (I
     list this option for the sake of completeness. I do not want to
     include submissions into the GNU archive unless they come from
     the _author_ a.k.a. copyright holder of the macro.)


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