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Re: how portable is fchdir?

From: Christopher Faylor
Subject: Re: how portable is fchdir?
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 16:54:31 -0500
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On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 01:43:11PM -0800, Paul Eggert wrote:
>Jim Meyering <address@hidden> writes:
>> Do any of you know of reasonably modern systems
>> that do *not* support fchdir?
>It's broken in Cygwin, at least for 1.3.6-6.  See:

Quoting a year-old message hardly qualifies as "broken on cygwin".

>> I've heard that on at least SunOS4 it fails for file systems
>> on which some type of accounting is enabled.
>Yes, it fails if auditing is enabled.  Similarly for IRIX 5.3
>(IRIX and SunOS share some code in this area, if I recall.)
>I vaguely recall it has other NFS-related problems.
>> But SunOS4 is not exactly modern.
>> Also, it looks like SCO Xenix lacks the function altogether,
>> but that's hardly modern either.
>It's also missing from Ultrix and AIX 3.2.5.
>None of these systems are exactly spring chickens, except for Cygwin.

and the version of cygwin that you are referring to isn't exactly a
spring chicken either.


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