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Re: typedef signed short int16;

From: Sander Niemeijer
Subject: Re: typedef signed short int16;
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 18:30:41 +0100

I solved the problem with the help of the AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS macro from the GNU Autoconf Macro Archive (< ac_define_integer_bits.html>) together with the following calls in my
AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([uint8_t], [u_int8_t], [unsigned char])
AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([int8_t], [signed char])
AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([uint16_t], [u_int16_t], [unsigned short], [unsigned int], [unsigned long]) AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([int16_t], [signed short], [signed int], [signed long]) AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([uint32_t], [u_int32_t], [unsigned short], [unsigned int], [unsigned long]) AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([int32_t], [signed short], [signed int], [signed long]) AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([uint64_t], [u_int64_t], [unsigned long long], [unsigned __int64], [unsigned long]) AC_DEFINE_INTEGER_BITS([int64_t], [signed long long], [signed __int64], [signed long])



On maandag, maa 17, 2003, at 17:43 Europe/Amsterdam, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:


I'm trying to port a old project to an autoconf/automake system. (The
current configure system has portability issues)
The ./configure script outputs a sysconf.h file, with
typedef   signed short  int16;
typedef unsigned short uint16;
typedef   signed int  int32;
typedef unsigned int uint32;

Those types are used in the flat file databases save & load routines, so
modifying them randomly looks like a bad idea :)

What's the autoconf way of knowing with type is a 16 bits signed int,
etc ?



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