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make distcheck arguments

From: Glenn McGrath
Subject: make distcheck arguments
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 11:26:54 +1100

Im involved with a project that supports the use of two crypt libraries,
i can do either ./configure --with-gcrypt to use libgcrypt or
./configure --with-crypto to use openssl.

If no options are given it will first try and use openssl, then gcrypt.

I do compile it --with-gcrypt without any problems, however when i do
'make distcheck' it is being compiled against openssl.

The _build/config.log from the distcheck says that configure didnt use
the arguments i supplied to do the make distcheck, it did ../configure
--srcdir=.. --prefix=<snip path>

Is this expected behaviour ?

I would have thought it would make sense to parse the specified
configure parameters to distcheck (except for path's) 

I see there is an automake macro, DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS, should i be
trying to use this macro to parse either --with-gcrypt or --with-crypto
to distcheck, or is that not its intended purpose ?



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