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Re: ax_enable_builddir : automatic subdir builds

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: ax_enable_builddir : automatic subdir builds
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 05:05:56 +0100
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Guido Draheim schrieb:
* benefits
there are a number of benefits to use a subdir build, many of which
were covered in earlier threads on the autotools mailinglists. To
hilight some:
- multi user access to the same source repository
- multi arch builds in the same repo in a networked /home
  (shared for both linux and solaris workstations on your campus)
- multi arch builds using cross-compilers, esp. cross mingw,
  from a single source repo

oh, forgot one that some of you might like: a `cvs diff` and
`cvs update` will not show many '?' or `file only in xy` since
the built-files are not in the source directories. If you see
a '?' then it is either (a) a platform directory with some built
files or (b) a source repository file that was forgotten to put
under cvs revision control. - therefore, no need to maintain
.cvsignore for the most part ;-)

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