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ac_unique_file in autoconf version 2.13

From: Susan Dittmar
Subject: ac_unique_file in autoconf version 2.13
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 15:51:41 +0200
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maybe I misread something ...

I am trying to compile a little library. I want it to install to
/usr/local/lib/pkg/library.lo, so I wrote 
in the (to have pkglibdir defined accordingly).
But that means that later on configure checks for a file named
'pkg' to make sure it really found the sourcedir
(ac_unique_file=pkg in configure).

I searched the docs and found a macro called AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR to
put the name of that unique file in, but autoconf does not
recognize it.

What did I do wrong?

autoconf --version: 2.13
automake --version: 1.4
libtool --version: 1.3.5
config-guess: i686-pc-linux

Thanks in advance,

        Susan Dittmar

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